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William Reilly is Technical Project Manager in the Higher Education technology group at Harvard Business School Publishing.
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Joining the Boston-area HTML5 "Brunch" Meetup study group (January 1, 2012). It's being held in "Virtual, MA" a.k.a. your computer wherever you are. Some people actually meet, perhaps once a month. T.B.D.


DocBook documentation for a XML-2-HTML Website Build & Maintenance system.
a.k.a. Trees Into Rectangles. Turning trees into rectangles is what this system is about.
Trees Into Rectangles. Two-part graphic depicting Tree of information nodes and Rectangle of polished page fragment.

  • Trees are the full expression of the information the company possesses about its own resources, products, & services, as well as what it knows about the intended audiences for those assets.
  • Rectangles are the polished, "finished products" of publishing information about those assets, as designed for those audiences.
Posted March 12, 2003

My Final Project Paper on the Resource Description Framework (RDF), written in DocBook (Simplified), for XML class at Harvard Extension School
Posted May 23, 2002

RDF (with Dublin Core) for this page, as created using the Dublin Core Metadata Editor: "DCDOT"

London Tube (logo)Assignment # 2: London Underground. Data about the lines and stations for London's subway system transformed (XSLT) from source XML to HTML. Click on a station with a "change" to be brought to the entry for that same station, now over on the other (crossing) line. Also for XML class at Harvard Extension School
Posted June 15, 2002


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